WATCH: Shocking moment angry passenger gets instant karma when he does this at airport

WATCH: Shocking moment angry passenger gets instant karma when he does this at airport

  • The viral video was uploaded to social media by Instagram account passengershaming
  • It showed a crowd of plane passengers losing their temper at airport staff
  • One man was so angry he damaged airport property – but hurt himself while doing so

An Instagram video captured a crowd of furious passengers shouting at airport staff. The video was believed to be shot at an airport in Brazil. One male passenger becomes so incensed that he hits the ticket counter furiously. His angry beating results in the ticket counter breaking and crashing to the floor. The man appears to be injured, leading some viewers to claim he got “karma” for his actions.

The shocking Instagram video, which shows the crowd berating the airport staff, was uploaded by passengershaming.

The horde shout and gesticulate wildly – apparently complaining about something that has gone wrong with a flight, although the details of the situation are unclear.

A uniformed man behind the counter can be seen attempting to explain the situation to the angry passengers.

But as a man in a blue and purple T-shirt gets so worked up he begins banging on the counter.

His movements are so forceful the top of the ticket counter slides off and appears to hit his foot as it slams onto the floor.

The man seems to be hopping in pain as a result of the incident and clutches onto the arm of a nearby woman who looks shocked.

He then hops away from the scene while the person filming follows him.

An official can be seen radioing to his colleagues as the alarming footage comes to an end.

Instagram users have shared their thoughts on the viral video. Some blame the man while others criticise the airport.

“Instant karma!” one person commented on what happened to the angry man.

“Why do people think that yelling at the airport personnel will help?” another said.”

“Why would passengers blame airline staff for something Mother Nature did all by herself? I’d rather have a flight delayed or cancelled if it isn’t safe to fly. Crazy people,” a third person wrote.

However, some thought the airlines were to blame. “Probably just another oversold flight. I love airlines, ‘oh, you bought this service a month ago? Well, we sold it to four other people, guess you’re going to be late,’” one Instagram user commented.

This is far from the first time passengers’ anger has been caught on camera.

One woman was filmed having an epic meltdown at JetBlue staff at a Florida airport

She was caught on camera ranting violently at staff, calling them “racist” and claiming she had a gun.

Thomas was eventually escorted from the airport and taken to Broward General Hospital for a psychiatric examination after showing what the officer termed as “bizarre behaviour” and making “irrational statements,” reported the Daily Mail.

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