WATCH: Shocking moment HUGE wave sends girls flying as they pose for photo in epic wipeout

WATCH: Shocking moment HUGE wave sends girls flying as they pose for photo in epic wipeout

HAWAII holidaymakers were caught on camera experiencing a very nasty episode. Two girls, wearing only bikinis, were sent flying from the force of a giant wave. The scene was filmed by a backpacker on the island of Kauai in the USA state at the tourist attraction of Queen’s Bath tide pool. The spot on the north side of the island is a unique sinkhole surrounded by igneous rock.

Both girls can be seen in the footage standing on the jagged rocks attempting to get a photo.

One holds a camera as she tries to capture her friend in the perfect shot.

Waves can be seen crashing around the rocks but the two pals persevere with the photoshoot.

One soaks the girls and leaves them unsteady but they still don’t give up.

“She’s still got the camera,” the woman filming from the safety of a high rock can be heard saying.

She then adds: “There’s a bigger one coming” as a second wave prepares to strike the rocks.

The wall of water comes crashing down on the spot and fills the air briefly hiding the scene from view as it engulfs the shot.

The water floors the girls and sends them flying from the force of the wave.

Both can be seen being pulled along the rocks by the powerful wave as it cascades over the rocks.

They disappear from view entirely just before the video ends as the woman filming cries, “Oh my God.”

Thankfully, despite the dramatic nature of the footage – the two girls allegedly escaped relatively unscathed.

Neither were seriously injured although their camera was ruined in the accident.

The backpacker said: “While I was travelling in Kauai, Hawaii I spent a day exploring Queen’s Bath, where I witnessed two girls get completely taken out by a huge wave trying to get the perfect shot,” reported MailOnline.

“They were lucky enough to walk away with only a few bad scratches and a ticket on their car ’cause they parked illegally before heading down to the water; also a broken camera,”

The girls are not alone in being blasted by a wave while posing for a photo.

A Bali tourist was filmed being engulfed by water as she stood on the rocky coast of the Nusa Lembongan island.

Published at Fri, 10 May 2019 08:56:00 +0000