We MUST learn from Britain’s last heroic generation if we are to beat coronavirus COMMENT

We MUST learn from Britain’s last heroic generation if we are to beat coronavirus COMMENT

It was of course the start of the Blitz – three months of untrammelled terror in the face of of an unprecedented threat from out of the blue, which promised only one certainty – that by tomorrow hundreds more British people would be dead. The more perceptive of you will by now have spotted the simile – we are now truly at war with an enemy we are massively outgunned by, the horrible coronavirus COVID-19.  And the outlook truly seems bleak. Every day Boris Johnson tries to strike a balance of composed calm while trying to manage our expectations regarding the rising death toll.

But Boris’ own fear and bewilderment is so close to the surface that, try as he might, he cannot but look like a man who knows full well this pandemic is lurching out of control and it is going to get worse. Much worse.

It is day one of the coronavirus Blitz and the skies are dark.

Can there be anyone left who doesn’t know someone who knows someone who has COVID-19 or has died from, COVID-19?

If you don’t then count yourself lucky for now – but you will.

The NHS is buckling down for an onslaught which will overwhelm our hospitals and put the lives of our doctors, carers and healers at real risk. Meanwhile scumbags hi-jack special shopping hours reserved for those workers who put themselves in harms way to save our lives – and mystifyingly even slash the tyres of ambulances on stand-by to pick up victims.

These are truly dark days for Britain and the world, and the World War 2 similes are the only ones we can grasp for which have any resonating scale and context.

But remember this well – it was a hard, it was ghastly, and many lives were lost but we won the war.

Britain beat down the Nazis and she will beat down this awful virus.

Indeed the Battle of Britain showed the very best of this country, courage, resilience, selflessness and duty.

But today we will only prevail if we re-learn the lessons from the 1940s. We will only conquer this thing if we follow the lead of the last truly heroic generation, and we will only stem the tide of death if we genuinely pull together as a nation with one unifying heartbeat. We need to be utterly selfless and put others first be they our friends and loved ones or be they strangers.

But the damning scenes this weekend in the nation’s capital and its seaside resorts were not indicative of a selfless people.

Who the hell were these selfish, stupid morons carrying on like it was a normal Mothers’ Day afternoon? The beaches and proms of the south coast, from Bournemouth to Brighton, to West Wittering were rammed, the Lake District was so busy Cumbria police were begging people to turn back, and in Scotland and Wales tourists flocked, apparently unaware the nation is on the brink of disaster.

Make no mistake these “it’s a storm in a teacup” “it’ll never happen to me” folk are both suicidal and murderous – and if you know one, if you ARE one, you must get them to stop or stop yourself.

During the Blitz ARP’s made made certain no-one, but no-one, flouted the lights out rule while an air raid was in progress. And they did this because they knew that one kitchen light left on by the “it’ll never happen to me” brigade meant not only certain death for them but their entire street and community too. The same – exactly the same – is true of the coronavirus. Flout the stay indoors rule and you risk killing those dearest to you.

We are at war and we need to act like it.

There’s a whiff of martial law in the air – and if that is what it takes to bring these people to their senses then so be it. Let me repeat – we all need to change our lives, drastically, right now for a few weeks or months – or our lives and the future of Britain, will be changed forever.

Keep calm yes… but for God’s sake don’t please don’t carry on like nothing is happening

Published at Mon, 23 Mar 2020 19:01:00 +0000