‘We won’t look the other way’ Dominic Raab in stern warning to China over Hong Kong row

‘We won’t look the other way’ Dominic Raab in stern warning to China over Hong Kong row

Addressing the Commons, the Foreign Secretary said that t he imposition of national security law by China on Hong Kong “undermines” the one country two systems policy. Dominic Raab warned: “If China continues down this path, we shall consider our response.” He called on China to “reconsider and step back from the brink” and warned: “If China enacts this law, we will change arrangements for BNO holders.” 

Mr Raab said: “We don’t oppose Hong Kong passing its own national security law, we do strongly oppose such an authoritarian law being imposed by China in breach of international law.

“We’re not seeking to intervene in China’s internal affairs, only to uphold China to its international commitments just as China expects of the United Kingdom.

“We don’t seek to prevent China’s rise, far from it, we welcome China as a leading member of the international community and we look to engage with China on everything from trade to climate change.

“And it is precisely because we recognise China’s role in the world that we expect it to live up to the international obligations and the international responsibilities that come with it.”

“To be very clear and specific about this, the imposition of national security legislation on Hong Kong by the government in Beijing rather than through Hong Kong’s own institutions lies in direct conflict with Article 23 of China’s own basic law,” the Foreign Secretary told Parliament.

“And it lies in direct conflict with China’s international obligations freely assumed under the Joint Declaration.”

He added: “There is time for China to reconsider, there is a moment for China to step back from the brink and respect Hong Kong’s autonomy and respect China’s own international obligations.

“If China continues down this current path, if it enacts this national security law, we will consider what further response we make, working with those international partners and others,” he said.

Mr Raab concluded: “The UK will not look the other way if China continues down this path.”

Published at Tue, 02 Jun 2020 10:55:00 +0000