Weight loss: How eating an apple a day could help you slim down

Weight loss: How eating an apple a day could help you slim down

Weight loss can be a daunting journey for many with lots of diets on offer claiming to lose weight fast. However experts recommend losing weight at a gradual pace so it is healthier for your body. It has been revealed that eating an apple a day could help you lose weight by slashing your daily calorie intake.

At the end of ten weeks, the women who ate the oat cookies had no weight change, while the apple eaters had lost a considerable amount of weight.

Studies have also indicated that eating an apple boosts the health of your heart by slashing high levels of cholesterol.

Scientists believe the miracle apples work by increasing levels of hunger-suppressing hormone GLP-1.

This means you are less likely to overeat.

Apples have a low glycemic index, which means although they are high in natural sugars, your blood sugar levels don’t spike when you eat them.

Easy recipes including apples can be a smart way to control cravings when you’re trying to lose weight.

Pink Lady apples are one of the most popular apples in the UK.

To satisfy a sweet tooth, they recommend making Pink Lady® energy balls.

They say that these can assist with health, wellbeing and weight loss.

Add 140g of oats, 120g of crunchy almond butter, 50g of unsweetened, desiccated coconut, 75ml of runny honey and one tsp of ground cinnamon to a food processor.

They then recommend rolling these into two tablespoon portion balls and rolling them in more coconut before putting them in the fridge for two hours.

You can also add an apple to your morning porridge, which will help you stay away from that mid-morning snack.

Oats can also help you feel fuller for longer, and contain a low amount of calories. This will also help aid the weight loss process when combined with apples.

Apples have several properties that increase feelings of fullness, which may aid weight loss by reducing overall calorie intake.

Published at Thu, 14 May 2020 23:01:00 +0000