Weight loss: Which indoor activities burn the most calories?

Weight loss: Which indoor activities burn the most calories?

Social media is flooded with bloggers and celebs alike pressuring us to lose some weight and ‘better ourselves’ while under lockdown conditions. However, you only need to lose weight when it is detrimental to your health. Nearly 30 per cent of adults in England alone are obese, and a further 35 per cent at least are overweight. If you are one of these people and would like to shift some pounds but don’t know where to start, Express.co.uk reveals how to lose weight without really trying.

Video games and dancing

Video games surprisingly burn a lot of calories.

Aerobic video games, like Wii Fit, will burn 111 calories in half an hour for women and 127 for men, but dance-themed video games are the best thing you can do from home.

These games burn 240 calories in just half an hour for men, and 209 for women.

If you’re already a budding dancer, you can practise your routines in your living room and burn calories.

Different dance styles are more effective than others, though, with Colombian Cumbia dancing burning a whopping 189 calories in half an hour for women, and 217 for men.

Other forms of dance, like ballet, modern and jazz, will burn around 167 calories in men and 145 in women in 30 minutes.

If you love your salsa, flamenco and swing, don’t worry, in half an hour you’ll still burn 150 calories if you’re a man, and 131 if you’re a woman.

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If you haven’t tried meditation before, now might be the time.

Not only is meditation relaxing, and the perfect way to unwind before bedtime, it is a workout.

Men will burn around 60 calories in half an hour of meditation, and women will burn 53.

Although meditation alone won’t cause you to lose a life-changing amount of weight, when paired with other activities listed above you will notice a difference.

Published at Wed, 01 Apr 2020 20:51:00 +0000