‘What an absolute waste!’ Top Gear fans slam BBC as presenters’ cars are scrapped

‘What an absolute waste!’ Top Gear fans slam BBC as presenters’ cars are scrapped

In the latest episode of Top Gear, Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris were on a mission to find second-hand cars for under £500. The trio then took the vehicles for a spin around a scrapyard before crushing them. However, the conclusion of the challenge left BBC viewers hitting out at the show.

@Sweetwoo tweeted: “So what was the point in the cheap cars going around an assault course, like who’s serious going too use them there. £364 seems like an unusual price for any car tbh. 

“And why actually scrap them, getting them crushed ultimately. What an absolute waste of good cars. #TopGear.”

@laura_alice24 added: “‘Used car prices are skyrocketing, so we bought a few for £500 a pop, spent a few hours driving round a scrap yard and then crushed them for fun’ #topgear.”

“Just channel surfing and caught @BBC_TopGear crush a Mazda 323f, what a waste, that car could have kept other finer examples stay on the road. Remember why I stopped watching now, old crew wouldn’t have done that. #mazda #323f #deadshow,” @its_kyle256 wrote.

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@His_Lordships said: “#TopGear Those cars didn’t look scrap ready to me…..”

@KevGeo2011 shared: “Surely crushing cars is not environmentally friendly? Also dear producers come up with new ideas #TopGear.”

“Disgraceful how Top Gear forever destroy half decent cars just for viewing, when they could be donated to good causes in Ukraine, India or famil]ies that are struggling.  #BBCOne #TopGear,” @180Morg remarked.

Elsewhere in Top Gear, Chris investigated Maserati’s new MC20 supercar.

Paddy began: “What was scary about [the NASCAR race] is all the other people taking part in that race.

“It’s not like this is the first time we’ve done it they were like, ‘We want to win and we’re gonna win at all costs’.

“It was scary and it doesn’t sometimes transcend on the screen but when you’re strapped into those things it’s quite claustrophobic, you’ve got earpieces, people talking you can’t hear properly, it’s hot and it’s just so much going on. 

“After a while, you tune into it and you get into it but it is scary.”

Freddie continued: “It’s the first bit where you can see all these cars where the drivers meet them [Chris] knows what’s going on.

“Me and [Paddy] were stood there listening to all this stuff not knowing when we get out there what to expect.”

“You try to get involved and I made the fatal mistake of clipping [Paddy] accidentally,” Freddie explained. 

“It wasn’t a mistake,” Paddy quipped. “As he says he didn’t mean it but my car span and I was literally facing everyone coming towards me.”

Top Gear continues on BBC One at 8pm.

Published at Sun, 26 Jun 2022 20:29:00 +0000