‘What are you hiding?’ Piers Morgan savages health secretary over Covid-19 tests

‘What are you hiding?’ Piers Morgan savages health secretary over Covid-19 tests

The GMB host replied to a tweet from Mr Hancock where he praised the amazing team who have delivered COVID-19 tests, as he did not refer to the exact number of Britons who have been swabbed for the virus. It follows weeks of tension between Mr Morgan and the health secretary, as government ministers have declined to appear on GMB.

Mr Hancock tweeted: “Really proud of my amazing team who have delivered 4 MILLION coronavirus tests since the start of this crisis. Thank you to each and every one.”

This prompted Piers to question how many people had actually used the tests that were sent out.

He quipped: “Why have you stopped reporting how many people have been tested?

“No information for the last SIX consecutive days? What are you hiding, Health Secretary?”

His followers praised him for being continuing to question the government’s strategy to ease lockdown restrictions.

One said: “That’s a great question and you seem to be the only person who is asking it. Keep up the great work. Journalists are under attack like never before.”

Another replied: “Hope you’re back on Monday Piers. We need you.”

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“And I think it’s shameful. I think it’s completely wrong,” he added.

Mr Hancock is not the only minister to have declined to appear on the show, after weeks of tense showdowns on the programme.

Piers wrote on Twitter: “The UK Govt has banned any ministers from appearing on [Good Morning Britain] after a series of them made complete fools of themselves in the face of basic & important questions,” he claimed on Twitter.

“This is a pathetic & cowardly response to THEIR shameful incompetence.”

When the health secretary appeared on the show back in April, he and Mr Morgan engaged in a heated row.

Mr Hancock lashed out at the GMB host after he continued to interrupt him while trying to answer questions.

The pair clashed over testing, personal protective equipment and rising deaths in care homes.

Piers said: ”So it’s not true any of the ventilators you got made to specifications given by your department, it’s not true that any got made to a specification that has rendered them useless to anyone who needs one for more than a few hours, which is actually most people,”

“I’m going to keep answering the questions Piers and I would appreciate the ability to do so – that’s why I come on the programme.” Mr Hancock responded.

Piers interjected: “You just said something wasn’t true – which the FT said was true – and you quoted the people and the sharp end of this actual issue. I’m just interested if you think the FT is lying?” 

“Well, I was about to answer that before you interrupted me again,” the health secretary quipped.

Published at Sat, 30 May 2020 04:36:00 +0000