WhatsApp: How to start a voice or video call from a Mac or Windows 10 PC

WhatsApp: How to start a voice or video call from a Mac or Windows 10 PC

One of main attractions is the ability to make voice and video call while on the move from a mobile. Note how WhatsApp now only supports iPhones with iOS 9 or later and smartphones with version 4.0.3 or later. Those using a Mac or Windows 10 PC can only use an emulator to make video calls without a smartphone.

How to start a voice or video call from a Mac or Windows 10 PC:

WhatsApp Web cannot yet be used to place video calls.

You can currently only use WhatsApp desktop app to send and receive text messages.

However, downloading an emulator – a program imitating another computer or program – is a way to work around this limitation.

Windows 10 users can download an Android emulator such as AndY, Nox, or BlueStack and these are also available on Macs.

If you are not a fan of emulators, you can also install Android on your PC without one.

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How to Make a WhatsApp group call:

In addition to one-on-one video chats, WhatsApp hosts group video chats.

WhatsApp group chats work like video calls, except you can add contacts to the list of participants.

WhatsApp recently upgraded to supports up to eight participants in a group video call.

Start a call with a contact using the instructions above and once they accept the call, select Add Participant.

Search for or select another contact you wish to add to the WhatsApp group call and select add.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the WhatsApps group calling feature.

Make sure everyone has a strong internet connection, as the quality of the call depends on the contact with the weakest connection.

You cannot switch to a group video call during a group voice call and you cannot remove a contact during a group voice call.

The contact needs to hang up to disconnect from the WhatsApp group call.

You cannott add a blocked contact to the call, although you can be in a group voice call with someone you blocked if they were invited by someone else.

Published at Sat, 16 May 2020 09:44:00 +0000