WhatsApp update will bring two blockbuster features you’ll wonder how you lived without

WhatsApp update will bring two blockbuster features you’ll wonder how you lived without

WhatsApp could soon receive two pretty nifty new features – expiring messages and the ability to log into multiple devices with the same WhatsApp account. That’s according to a new report from the ever-reliable WABetaInfo.

The outlet, that’s renowned for trawling through early builds of WhatsApp to get an early peek at forthcoming features, recently discussed the changes made in WhatsApp beta version 2.20.110 for Android. Within the software, WABetaInfo found a ton of information about both additions to the chatting service.

Let’s start with self-destructing messages, a feature made hugely popular by rival Telegram. The functionality is as simple as it sounds – once enabled, you’ll be able to give each message an expiry date, be it one day, one week or one month.

After such time has elapsed, the message will be removed for all parties involved, including the user that sent it in the first place.

As exhibited in screenshots by WABetaInfo of the early WhatsApp build, the new feature will be called “expiring messages” and will work for both group chats and message threads mano a mano.

For group chats, only administrators will be able to flick the functionality on and off and will be able to choose whether messages are removed after one day, one week or one month.

Conversely, when talking with a single individual, both parties will be able to enable it. Once triggered, a little timer icon will appear next to a user’s profile image in your chat list.

Then there’s the ability to use WhatsApp on multiple devices – something a legion of fans have been wanting for years.

In theory, the new functionality should let you seamlessly use WhatsApp from one phone to another, or from a phone to a tablet. Both iOS and Android users will be able to take advantage.

Of course, the question remains as to whether WhatsApp will release a dedicated iPad app in conjunction with the new feature. The Facebook-owned firm has been rumoured to be making a standalone version of WhatsApp for the phenomenally popular tablet for some time now.

At the moment, the only way to use WhatsApp on your iPad in conjunction with an iPhone is to use WhatsApp Web on your browser. Not ideal.

According to WABetaInfo, a future version of WhatsApp will give each user a “device list” that, as the name suggests, will show each phone or tablet that has been synced with a particular WhatsApp account.

This, the outlet notes, will change each time you add a new device and a notification alerting the user to the fact will also be displayed.

Both features discussed above are reportedly “under development” at WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the outlet didn’t detail a release date for either. Let’s hope each is subject to a shorter development time than WhatsApp dark mode that infamously took well over a year and a half to launch from when it first leaked.

Published at Sun, 12 Apr 2020 05:30:00 +0000