‘Why are your workers dying?!’ Sadiq Khan shamed as Kay Burley erupts over TfL horror

‘Why are your workers dying?!’ Sadiq Khan shamed as Kay Burley erupts over TfL horror

Sky News’ Kay Burley engaged in an intense row with the London Mayor Sadiq Khan on the deaths of Transport for London (TfL) staff. Ms Burley questioned why Mr Khan was unable to guarantee the safety of these essential staff and take action to ensure they were kept safe during the coronavirus pandemic. During an interview on Wednesday morning, Ms Burley boldly asked: “Why are your workers dying?”


“Reasons like to get food, medicine, exercise once a day or if you really have to go to work, if not, stay at home.”

Ms Burley insisted it was incorrect to claim that we don’t know how the coronavirus spreads.

She said: “Well it is incorrect to say we don’t know how people get it, they get it from other infected humans.

“To that end, we believe the Government has asked you to run more London Underground tube trains so that people can stay separate more easily.

“Apparently yesterday one commuter wrote in a tweet that more than 100 people were on the platform in Leytonstone.

“That is because you are running only 55 percent of the tubes, why is that?”

The London Mayor answered: “We have got about a third of our transport workers off because they are self-isolating because a member of their family has the symptoms and they can’t get the test so they have to stay home for two weeks.

“Or they themselves have COVID-19 symptoms. We are running the maximum amount of tubes we can run safely and the maximum amount of trams and busses we can run safely right now.”

TfL director of bus operations Claire Mann said: “London’s hard-working transport workers are making a heroic effort at the frontline of the fight against this pandemic, and it is only right we consider everything we can to protect them.

“We’ve already delivered many other enhanced safety measures and by trialling middle door-only boarding on buses we can gain the information we need to see if we can further improve safety on London’s buses. Most Londoners can do their bit to protect our bus colleagues and other critical workers by remembering: stay home, don’t travel, save lives.”

Published at Wed, 08 Apr 2020 07:10:00 +0000