Why Kim Jong-un may be using a body double to cover up the truth about his health

Why Kim Jong-un may be using a body double to cover up the truth about his health

At the weekend images of Kim ribbon cutting at a fertiliser plant on the outskirts of Pyongyang were released by a state media broadcast. In the footage, Kim Jong appeared healthy and in good spirits after rumours spread last week claiming the dictator had died or was gravely unwell.

Now the pictures have been analysed by computer wizards, who have alleged that the man in the images was a political decoy.

Previously tyrants including Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein had utilised the same strategy.

The focal point of scepticism comes from the eyes and teeth of the recently pictured Kim Jong, which has been compared with dated photos of a younger Kim to last week’s snapshots.

On closer inspection the images released by North Korean state media shows that that his teeth appear very different to published photos previously by newspapers.

Former Tory MP Louise Mensch tweeted: “Teeth, Cupid’s bow, others. Totally different. Look at those gnashes, if you must.”

She added: “It’s not the same person. But not going to argue it. Hairy moment when I thought my information was wrong. It wasn’t wrong though.

“Not sure whether it suits us to go along with it or not, but these two are not the same.”

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A dot on the leader’s wrist was also brought up by Ms Zeng, but experts believe that this could indicate a cardiovascular procedure.

Rumours had previously swirled that the leader had died following complications from heart surgery.

Kim is a chain smoker whose ill health has allegedly caused him to collapse on walks in the past.

At the event last weekend, Kim Jong-un was seen smiling with a cigarette in his mouth as he attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The leader is known to enjoy eating high-fat foods including cheese and washing dinner down with expensive wines.

Many claimed his unhealthy lifestyle may have even lead to his alleged death.

At the fertiliser factory, Kim talked seemed satisfied with the production system.

The marks on his wrist were clearly present in photos and indicating that whispers about his heart surgery could be true.

An expert who examined the photos told NK news that the dot on his wrist shows the had a “cardiovascular surgery”.

Published at Wed, 06 May 2020 03:28:00 +0000