Why Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage failure had NOTHING to do with Camilla

Why Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage failure had NOTHING to do with Camilla

According to Diana’s former psychic, the late princess did not have Camilla in mind when thinking of the real reason her marriage fell apart. The people’s princess reportedly claimed things could have worked, had it not been for poor timing.

When Charles proposed to Diana, many claimed he wasn’t actually in love with her.

This appeared obvious in Charles’ infamous one-liner during the couple’s engagement interview.

On the day Charles flippantly responded, “Whatever ‘in love’ means” when a reporter quizzed them on their relationship.

The two had been on just 12 dates before Charles proposed.

At the time, the Prince of Wales was almost 30, and it was a bad look that he was not yet engaged.

Though Charles had wanted to marry Camilla, she had wed Andrew Parker Bowles while Charles was away serving in the military.

Instead, Charles was running out of options, and he and Diana rushed to get married.

A few years after they wed, Charles knew that he was still in love with Camilla, and the two started dating in secret.

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Simone Simmons, who was Diana’s psychic and spiritual healer, has since spoken out about the princess’ life.

Diana reportedly told Simmons that she blamed the relationship’s failure on timing.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward once revealed that Diana reportedly said, “What a shame we didn’t meet each other at a different time,” after the couple separated, only further suggesting that the princess truly believed timing was the issue.

Ms Simmons told the Daily Mail last year that she believes if the pair had waited, then their marriage would have survived.

She said: “After the divorce Charles got a very good friend in Diana because she understood him.

“Nobody is happy if their other half has affairs, but she loved him with all her heart.

“If they had left it 10 years and then got married, I believe they would be together today.

“They would have had their differences, but I think they may have got back together.”

She added that, while on the surface the royal couple appeared to have little in common, actually they had quite similar mindsets about some things.

For example, they had similar interests in alternative medicine and the environment.

Ms Simmons said: “He was frequenting Kensington Palace more often, using excuses to pop in for cups of tea or to use the loo.

“They had the same sense of humour and the same interest in complementary medicine, organic goods, organic farming.

“I had a weird feeling they would have ended up getting married again.”

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