Woman branded ‘selfish’ after booking boyfriend surprise holiday in Paris – ‘Misery!’

Woman branded ‘selfish’ after booking boyfriend surprise holiday in Paris – ‘Misery!’

The woman told Mumsnet she bought surprise flights to Paris, as it was somewhere she’d always wanted to go. However, her boyfriend was furious with her.

She said:“I surprised him this morning with a city break for Valentine’s Day in Paris.

“I’ve always wanted to go and thought it would be a lovely weekend away. He’s angry at me for not discussing it and said it’s because I’m ‘selfish’ and have ‘only child syndrome’.

“I honestly didn’t do it to be bossy or overbearing. I just wanted to do something nice.

“I’ve paid for flights/transfers/hotel so it’s not like I’m asking for anything from him.”

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The woman then asked forum users if she was in the wrong and whether she should have consulted her boyfriend before booking.

Some readers said they agreed with her boyfriend and would have reacted in the same way to the surprise trip.

One said: “A fairly new boyfriend did this to me once, although the destination wasn’t Paris, it was somewhere else I had no interest in going.”

They said although they knew it was meant to be a “nice surprise” they didn’t like being told when and where they were going.


Surprise trips might not be everyone’s first choice for a holiday but there are plenty of people who think they’re the perfect gift.

There has even been a surge of booking platforms offering holidaymakers the chance to enjoy a mystery holiday.

Srprs.me asks holidaymakers to select a theme and a price range before booking a mystery break.

Wowcher’s £99 mystery holidays offer intrepid tourists the chance for a cheap holiday as long as they don’t mind where they’re going.

Published at Wed, 17 Aug 2022 07:16:00 +0000