Woman loses six stone by walking every day after being asked if she was pregnant

Woman loses six stone by walking every day after being asked if she was pregnant

Claire Ferris weighed 18st 7lbs and was struggling to squeeze into a size 22 at her biggest. But after a “mortifying” comment from a woman in her neighbourhood in November 2019, she knew “enough was enough” and decided to try and lose some weight.

The 42-year-old had previously refused advice from doctors to have a gastric band fitted, resulting in her deciding to walk 10-12 miles a day in January 2020 to lose weight naturally.

Over the course of a year, Ms Ferris lost six stone and now weighs a healthier 12st 7lbs – meaning she can fit into size 12-14 with ease.

Ms Ferris, who is currently unemployed and from Studley, Warwickshire, said: “There was one woman I talked to when I was out and about.

“She came across to me and said: ‘Congratulations, when is it due?’

“I was mortified when I realised she thought I was expecting and I told her: ‘I’m not pregnant’, and I started crying.

“My tummy actually looked like a baby bump – not a just flab. That really upset me.”

After setting herself walking challenges and slowly building up her endurance, she was breezing down the pavements and strolling more than 10 miles a day.

Ms Ferris would often walk six miles in the morning and another six miles in the afternoon.

She added: “At the start, I was walking around the roads and beating my heart out because my thighs were rubbing together, my heels were bleeding and my feet were swollen.

“People say ‘it must be a walk in the park for you’, but it wasn’t. It was really, really painful.

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“He said I must be living in the takeaways because he thought I couldn’t possibly be eating healthily and be big like that.

“I stopped going for a few weeks because it made me feel like fat people shouldn’t be in the pool – but I realised it was his problem, not mine, and went back.

“I felt like giving up at that point but I had so much support from other people there which put me back on track.”

Ms Ferris now counts her calories every day and makes a lot of food on her own, using healthier alternatives of the food she loves.

She has also reduced her alcohol intake from a bottle of wine every weekend to only drinking a glass or two on special occasions, such as Christmas and birthdays.

Ms Ferris said: “I used to suffer a lot from depression but it’s gone since I lost the weight. I just feel so happy about myself and confident to do things I couldn’t do before, like I will go on the bus on my own or walk into the shop on my own without thinking.”

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