World War 3: UK subs outnumbered by Russia’s in Putin’s new Cold War move

World War 3: UK subs outnumbered by Russia’s in Putin’s new Cold War move

The alarming manoeuvre comes as Russia’s president Vladimir Putin reinstituted a cruise missile base that is within range of UK targets, the Mail on Sunday has reported. According to military experts, the advance of Russian vessels into waters formerly dominated by the Royal and US navies is a Cold War tactic for taunting adversaries.

Russia’s Akula-class submarines were seen navigating in proximity to the UK’s coast, naval sources reported.

Russia currently seems prepared to continue testing nuclear-powered cruise missiles.

Such weapons would have the capacity to hit Britain from the newly-reopened launch base.

A source told the Mail on Sunday: “The sheer number of Russian submarines entering the North Atlantic is overwhelming.

“The tactics adopted by their captains are deliberately provocative and highly dangerous.

“While our Astute-class submarines sailing from Faslane in Scotland are a match for their best submarines, the Russians are sometimes deploying two or three submarines into our areas of operations where previously they would have sent only one.

“The war-gaming and manoeuvring has never been more intense, especially when we are unable to precisely locate our enemies.

“The situation is serious and must be addressed by the Government before it is too late.”

“And we sit at the gateway to those routes.

But when China sails its growing navy into the Atlantic, which way will it come – the long route, or the short?

“And these routes skirt the coast of that resurgent Russia.

“A Russia that is now more active in the Atlantic – our back yard – than it has been for over 30 years.”

Published at Mon, 26 Oct 2020 02:33:47 +0000