Xbox looking for group not working: Microsoft provides LFG update

Xbox looking for group not working: Microsoft provides LFG update

Most of the core Xbox Live services are back online following a console outage that lasted several hours on March 14.

The cause has not been revealed although Xbox Chief Phil Spencer has confirmed that server pressure has risen this week.

This is likely linked to more people staying at home during the Coronavirus quarantine, with Spencer commenting on the situation via Twitter.

When asked if there had been an increase in server demand, Spencer replied: “Yeah, usage is up on almost everything.

“Thanks go out to all the Ops/IT teams at all the companies that are working hard to keep everything running smoothly with all going on around them.”

This weekend’s outage has not been explained but it does appear to have been resolved for many gamers.

One lasting issue is that the Looking for Group function has not come back online for everyone.

This is the last social and gaming issue currently listed on the Xbox Live server support page, with all other core services now listed as back online.

The good news is that Microsoft has confirmed that engineers are looking into this final issue, meaning it could be resolved soon.

The update from Microsoft reads: “Our engineers are actively working to resolve the issue causing some members to have problems accessing Looking for Group (LFG). Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.”

For those wondering what the looking for group function is on Xbox One, a handy guide from Microsoft can be found below:

“Think of Looking for Group as a “players wanted” bulletin board—a way to help you find players on Xbox Live with similar goals and interests. Browse posts created by the Xbox community and respond to those that appeal to you. Or, try creating your own post—when enough people are interested, gather them into your party and go play.

“Plus, it’s easy to take your Looking for Group activities with you across your devices—it’s as simple as using Looking for Group on the Xbox Console Companion app and continuing where you left off on Xbox One, or the other way around.”


Here are several ways you can use Looking for Group to find players and clubs on Xbox Live with the same goals and interests as yours.

  • From the guide: Press the Xbox button to open the guide, and then select Multiplayer > Looking for Group.
  • From the official club: Highlight an item, press the Menu button on your controller, select Official club, and then select Multiplayer.
  • From a club that you’re a member of: Press the Xbox button to open the guide, select People > Clubs, choose a club from the list, choose Multiplayer, and then select Looking for Group.
  • From a club that you’re visiting: Press the Xbox button to open the guide, select Home, select Community, and then select Clubs on Xbox. Browse the featured clubs or search by selecting Find a club. Select a club, and then select Multiplayer

Published at Mon, 16 Mar 2020 04:36:00 +0000