Xbox Store not working: Xbox fans unable to purchase new games from Microsoft

Xbox Store not working: Xbox fans unable to purchase new games from Microsoft

The Xbox Store has been hit with a major outage today which impacted game purchases for Series X, S, Xbox One and PC gamers. The latest Xbox outage was reported at around 6.20pm BST with the official Xbox Status website saying gamers “may not be able to purchase games to own right now”. The Xbox support website also confirmed it was impacting Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One and Xbox on Windows players and classified it as a “major” outage.

As the issue hit independent outage monitor Down Detector recorded a huge spike in Xbox down reports.

At its peak registered over 4,000 reports of Xbox Live down.

According to the outage monitor’s stats, some 76 percent of reports were related to online gaming issues.

The official Xbox Status page also said that, besides from Store issues, there as a “limited” outage with games & gaming as well as with cloud gaming.

The Xbox Support Twitter also confirmed the outage that hit players on Thursday May 6, saying engineers are working on a fix.

The @XboxSupport Twitter posted: “We’re aware some users are unable to launch their games & apps. We’re working with the proper teams now to get this resolved.”

The account went on to add: “If you’re unable to browse the Xbox Store on your console, the Xbox app or xGuide please watch for updates. Proper teams are investigating now”.

As the issue hit Xbox fans took to Twitter also to report the problems they were facing.

One tweeted: “@XboxSupport the Xbox store is not loading says something went wrong”.

While another posted: “XBOX store is down and causing all downloaded games to bug out.”

One added: “#Xbox #microsoft ok so every game I’ve downloaded from the Microsoft Xbox store apparently I now don’t own, this happened to anyone else?”.

And another wrote: “Every game i selected it gives me the same msg ‘the person who brought this need to sign in’ I wasn’t having this issues yesterday and with even free games like destiny 2 it give me the same msg. I have even tried to go onto the Xbox store and it give me an errormsg @XboxSupport”.

More to follow…

Published at Thu, 06 May 2021 18:26:49 +0000