‘You have a duty to humans!’ GMB’s Richard Bacon skewers Biden over Afghanistan withdrawal

‘You have a duty to humans!’ GMB’s Richard Bacon skewers Biden over Afghanistan withdrawal

As thousands continue to try and flee Afghanistan following the Taliban’s regaining of power earlier this month, Good Morning Britain hosts Ranvir Singh and Richard Bacon spoke with guests Pen Farthing and Kaisa Markhuis on Monday morning. The pair had been in Kabul when the Taliban took over and while Kaisa has since fled to Oslo, Norway, Pen remains on the ground in Afghanistan as he plots an escape with the rest of his team. But being involved at the centre of everything, Pen and Kaisa had seen firsthand the impact of President Joe Biden’s decisions to withdraw troops – and along with host Richard had some choice words for the president.

Discussing the chaotic scenes behind her escape, Kaisa began: “I was told by my government that I have to come to the airport just like every other person who has the reason to come into the airport for a flight, 

“But they say they can’t guarantee safe passage into the airport so I had to push through a big crowd just like everyone else. 

“But the difference is I had a flight waiting for me and there are so many people just waiting and trying to get onto a flight and hence that lady just crammed next to me in the crowd, asking me ‘can you please take her baby, can you please take my baby?’” Kaisa explained, giving an insight into the desperate scenes which have ensued.

Pen soon weighed in as well as he discussed the plans for his own departure, with the former Marine Commando praising Prime Minister Boris Johnson for putting plans in motion.

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“We need to get behind Boris Johnson,” Pen said. “We need to let the United States know that Britain is gonna stay and keep getting people out that country.”

Turning his attention to President Biden, Pen continued: “There is no way Biden can just leave.

“How can he just leave people behind on the ground? So I need everybody who’s out there, everybody who’s got social media, get onto Biden and tell him he must leave this air holder open past August 31.

“The carnage we are going to see on TV when these people realize that final flight is going to take off – we can’t even comprehend what we’re going to see on TV.”

“What about when you’ve been into a country, changed the country, bombed the country and occupied the country – you have a duty to humans!”

Pen agreed with Richard as he continued to implore the president to do more to help those still on the ground in Afghanistan.

And before signing off the chat, Pen took one final rant against the president.

“Joe Biden has got to see this out,” he told Richard and Ranvir. “It’s another disaster, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. 

“This guy is not fit to be President of the United States – he has no handle on it.”

Those watching at home were quick to voice their support for Pen as one said on Twitter: “I have everything crossed for the news you are actually on that plane with everyone and have taken off. I’ve followed this story from day 1 and its horrible what going on over there but my prayers are with you, you get back quickly and safely.”

A second added: “@PenFarthing #AfghanistanCrisis another powerful interview on @GMB. Glad to see your wife is safe & you have a way out with your staff and animals. @theMODUK Pen needs an ISAF callsign to get his aircraft in the airport. @POTUS keep the air corridor open past 31st August #G7.”

While a third added: “Praying for Pen Farthing his animals and team to get home safely shout out to @BorisJohnson @GMB.”

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Published at Mon, 23 Aug 2021 07:19:17 +0000