‘You have failed!’ Sadiq Khan squirms after his record as Mayor is savaged in on-air row

‘You have failed!’ Sadiq Khan squirms after his record as Mayor is savaged in on-air row

Sadiq Khan’s record as London Mayor faced a damning assessment during his appearance on LBC on Friday morning. Nick from Kensington issued an extensive list of Sadiq Khan’s “failures” during his time in power, prompting a heated on-air row. Sadiq Khan struggled to respond to the claims that he had failed on key promises, as well as a criticism for his “obsession” with stopping Brexit.

Nick told Sadiq Khan on LBC: “You failed on housing, your fare freeze on TfL has been a disaster, you failed on Cross Rail 1, you failed for making the case for Cross Rail 2.

“You have failed to support the government on Brexit, COVID-19 and Heathrow.

“Are you really a Mayor of this city?”

Mr Khan hit back by comparing himself to the previous Mayor of London – and current Prime Minister – Boris Johnson.

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Mr Khan said that Mr Johnson had started three homes for social rent while he began more than 7,000 last year.

He continued: “I also increased the numbers of homes we’ve started so last year we began more than 17,000 – a record – the year before more than 14,000 – a record – a year before more than 12,500 – a record.

“We’ve also built more council homes than any year since 1982.”

The London Mayor apologised to Nick for failing to get Cross Rail open as planned. 

He turned to Brexit, and added: “On Brexit, Nick, I think it is the biggest act of economic self-harm our country’s ever done.”

Mr Khan then claimed he wanted more power, saying that a lot of his plans he wanted to implement as as Mayor had been blocked by the Government.

Viewers condemned the response, claiming Mr Khan just “blamed the Government” and “didn’t answer the question”.

One person tweeted: “So many of my friends have moved out of London because of the crime. Khan is obsessed over Brexit, he needs to focus on his job.”

Published at Sat, 04 Jul 2020 06:56:00 +0000