‘You’ll devastate the SNP!’ Peston makes Sturgeon squirm after election plot backfires

‘You’ll devastate the SNP!’ Peston makes Sturgeon squirm after election plot backfires

ITV presenter Robert Peston has predicted that Nicola Sturgeon’s demand for a general election could end up backfiring for the SNP leader. The Scottish First Minister was accused of “devastating” the SNP in Scotland by possibly handing Boris Johnson a majority at the upcoming general election. The SNP, along with the Liberal Democrats, were seen to have cleared the way for a general election after the EU handed the UK a Brexit extension.

Peston told Ms Sturgeon in an ITV interview: “So, given your implacable opposition to a Tory Government, if an election, that some say you precipitated, leads to a Tory majority how devastating would that be for the SNP?”

The SNP leader responded: “I don’t want to see a Tory Government, but if we see one, I’m sure it won’t be because Scotland voted Conservative.

“It will be because Corbyn and Swinson were not able to make their case.”

Peston continued to press Ms Sturgeon, saying: “Would it damage SNP support here?”

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The ITV political presenter suggested that Ms Sturgeon could have inadvertently ensured that Brexit went through.

Ms Sturgeon hit back: “It would further demonstrate the different paths that Scotland and the UK are on.

“I don’t want to see Brexit, I don’t want to see a Tory Government.

“But, the more we see that we don’t get the governments we vote for, and the more we dragged down a path we don’t want to go down, the more the argument of taking the future into our own hands becomes compelling.”

The Scottish leader later hit out at the BBC for announcing its live debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.

She tweeted: “Simply outrageous and unacceptable to exclude the SNP – the third largest party in UK.

“What are the other parties so scared of that they won’t agree to real debate?

“And why are broadcasters letting down voters, especially in Scotland?”

Published at Fri, 08 Nov 2019 16:43:00 +0000