Zodiac sign to have most ‘unique’ and ‘luxurious’ holiday this winter – ‘the perfect trip’

Zodiac sign to have most ‘unique’ and ‘luxurious’ holiday this winter – ‘the perfect trip’

On the Beach partnered with expert astrologer Kerry Ward to reveal the best holiday destination for this winter, based on the zodiac signs.

Aries – Jamaica, Caribbean

Jamaica offers more to explore than just a beach resort, including rainforests, mountains and waterfalls. The Caribbean nation is the best option for those Aries who want to jet off somewhere warm this winter. Famous for its rum, there are always parties in Jamaica and Aries, as a passionate fire sign, “is the cosmic party animal”.

Taurus – Dubai, UAE

Taureans “are ruled by Venus, the planet of indulgence and luxury, so Dubai is a natural choice for a holiday,” the astrologer said. All-inclusive holidays are Taureans top choice as being “spoiled, pampered, and living the lifestyle of the rich and famous is every Taurean’s dream”.

Gemini – Ibiza, Spain

Beach holidays are Gemini’s top pick and Ibiza presents two personalities, just like the star sign. Kerry explained: “The famous nightlife and the lesser-known quiet beaches, yoga retreats and secluded villages.

“Whatever mood a Gemini finds themselves in, party or chill, they can find a spot on this island to accommodate them. Boredom is not an option, as restless Geminis can’t bear to be bored.”

Cancer – Majorca, Spain

Majorca is the perfect option for those born under the zodiac sign who want to “escape the world” this winter. “Majorca has long been a favourite of Britons seeking a close-by, accessible, affordable, and gorgeous destination,” the experts said.

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Leo – Barbados, Caribbean

Kerry explained: “All Leos act like celebrities themselves, they’re born regal and seeking the spotlight. So a trip to the holiday choice of the stars is a natural fit.”

Virgo – The Algarve, Portugal

Virgos could head to Portugal’s most popular region, the Algarve, known for its surfing, picturesque cities, cuisine, beaches and natural marvels, for a vibrant holiday. “Virgos can get bored really fast and need to have plenty of options to fill their days, a one-note holiday is not for them,” Kerry said.

Libra – Benidorm, Spain

All-inclusive holidays are Libra’s top pick as they “love to sing and dance, indulge in fine dining, chill out and enjoy seeing beautiful sights”. Benidorm’s old town offers laidback Libras a more sedate option, away from the party.

Scorpio – Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Many Britons head to the Canary Islands in the winter months, as the archipelago has a warm climate the whole year round. Scorpios in particular will enjoy it more than anyone else and Lanzarote may be the best option for them, with its beautiful beaches and unique volcanic landscapes.


Sagittarius – Antalya, Turkey

Turquoise is Sagittarius’s birthstone and the Turquoise Coast in Turkey is their best option for a winter holiday this year.

Antalya offers plenty to “keep restless Sagittarius enthralled”. The astrologer said that “not known for lazing around, Sagittarians need something to see, explore and do before they can happily collapse on a sun lounger”.

Capricorn – Barcelona, Spain

Capricorn’s favourite type of holiday is the city break and Barcelona is a great choice because it offers all of the culture, history and vibrant nightlife, as well as being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Kerry advised: “Capricorns are always on the go and a combined city and beach break helps them find that balance.”

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Aquarius – Tenerife, Canary Islands

Tenerife offers stunning resorts and plenty of beaches to keep Aquarius entertained and occupied. “Aquarians think big, live large and need constant stimulus, they’re busy even when they’re on a break so they need a big place with lots to offer,” Kerry explained.

Pisces – Florida, USA

Florida is “a place for the young-at-heart and the imaginative, which is Pisces to a tee”.

The state has theme parks, beaches, museums and shows. “It’s a place to let your inner child escape and enjoy being thrilled, entertained, and excited,” the experts said.

Expert astrologer Kerry Ward commented on the results saying: “Each star sign in the zodiac presents unique characteristics and personality traits for the individual.

“On the Beach offers a wide range of wonderful destinations, each with unique landscapes, activities and accommodation that will allow each star sign to find their perfect trip.

“Matching your destination to your personality and interests ensures you feel at home, excited and fulfilled on your trip, and your star sign gives that information in a snapshot.

“More and more people rely on their sign to guide their decisions for this very reason.”

Published at Fri, 11 Nov 2022 04:01:00 +0000